What is my Hash Rate?

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Hash Algorithm: CryptoNight V8 – CN variant 2
Last updated:  Jan 22, 01:56pm PST
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What is this site?

This is a reference site to view your computer's hash rate.

What does my hash rate mean?

Hash rate refers to how fast your computer (CPU) can compute the output of a hash function.

What's the Leaderboard all about?

If you submit your name or website, we'll track your total hashes for you.  If your total hash amount reaches the top 10, we'll display your name or website on the Leaderboard automatically.


For instance, if you submit  to the Leaderboard, the page will refresh to your unique hash rate tracking URL:


You can then load that URL on as many additional number of computers as you like to increase your total hash rate count.

I'm mining Monero (XMR)

Excellent.  If you are in a mining pool such as BetterHash or Minergate, you can compare your hash rate here vs. what your mining pool claims you have.

Why do people care about hash rates?

Using a hash rate calulator is useful for cryptocurrency miners.  A higher hash rate is benifical for crypto mining as you have a better chance of finding the next block and being awarded bitcoins or another valued cryptocurrency.

Can I make money with my hash rate?

Yes, try joining a mining pool like BetterHash or Minergate.  You can make cryptocurrency, and once you have cryptocurrency, you can keep it, sell it, etc...  How much you get depends on a variety of factors.  In general here are some tips to earn more:

Things that don't really matter:

What are the calculated units of measure for hash rates?

Hash rate is measure in hashes per second.  Basically, how many times your computer can calculate the output of a hash function.
1000 Hashes/second = 1KH/s
1000 KH/s = 1MH/s
1000 MH/s = 1GH/s
1000 GH/s = 1TH/s
1000 TH/s = 1PH/s

Can I compare my hash power/rate to others?

Yes, but you need to make sure you're computing the same hash function.  Above, you're computing the hash function CryptoNight V8 – CNv2.  This is a hash function used by Monero, a cryptocurrency.  If you're looking for your hash rate for Bitcoin, you would want to calculate SHA256D (double SHA256) outputs.

The test isn't working/won't start

You may have some sort of script or ad block on, allow javascript for this site and it should work.  Check your browser options, privacy/security (tracking protection) and add an exception for

My live ranking isn't exact

The live rankings are currently measured every 2 minutes, therefore you will see it listed as approximently hashes/sec instead of exact.  The test at the top will give your browser & device's exact hash rate. is not responsible and does not endorse, guarantee or make any promises relating to the links posted here or the content on those externally owned and operated websites.  You visit them at your own risk as you do when you visit any other website through your web browser.
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